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Catch all the #TSLBiodiversity2021 highlights below!

Partner Power Summit: Protecting Biodiversity – see the full Summit playlist, from start to finish, below:

Elizabeth Mruma Mrema, Executive Secretary of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, opened the 2021 Debates and Summit with a warm welcome to all the participants

International Schools essay competition – How Can We Protect Biological Diversity and Stop the Sixth Mass Extinction?

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Sam Walker (Eden College Durban, South Africa) won the 2021 Grand Prize for her essay, “Two Possibilities of 2050

Schools Debates

Secondary School Debates (in 2 rounds)

Primary Schools Debate

Sustainability Challenge video competition

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Watch the winning videos below, including Stuart Ratcliffe’s trophy winner, “If

Watch all Top 8 videos shortlisted for the Public Vote below

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TSL & ZooLab Sustainability Challenge Winners

TSL partnered with ZooLab for our 2022 International Sustainability Challenge Video competition ‘My Local Sustainability Challenges’ The #TSLxZooLabSustainability2022 votes have been counted and you have selected your