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Green Careers Week 2022 (7-12th November)

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Green Careers Week has been launched by National Careers Week, with STEM Learning and the UK Space Agency to raise awareness of green careers in every industry and promote any career that helps to protect and restore the planet.

Taking place between the 7-12th November 2022, “Green Careers Week is an exciting event that raises aspiration, supports diversity, challenges stereotypes, and promotes real opportunities for young people to have a career that will genuinely make a difference. Discover careers, jobs, roles, and career pathways that are green careers and develop green skills.” National Careers Service

Our lives depend on the natural environment and our jobs and businesses depend on a healthy planet. A sustainable future requires a fast and just transition to a carbon and resource efficient economy. Climate change and environmental degradation have already had huge global impacts, disrupting millions of jobs and livelihoods. However, there are many opportunities ahead to boost the economy and improve our quality of lives by switching to a ‘green economy’.

The United Nations Environment Programme defines a green economy as “one that results in improved human well-being and social equity, while significantly reducing environmental risks and ecological scarcities. In its simplest expression, a green economy can be thought of as one which is low carbon, resource efficient and socially inclusive.”

An enormous number of young people around the world hope to pursue a green career, however do they feel equipped with the skills needed to meet the demands of the ‘green jobs’ market?

National Careers WeekSTEM Learning and the UK Space Agency have worked with businesses and organisations across a range of industries to create ‘Green Jobs Week’ and provide a range of case studies, webinars, videos, events and activity resources to allow young people to explore the range of green jobs available, the key skills needed and to connect with and hear from experts.

Explore the resources hereOrganisations – Green Careers Week and STEM Learning – Green Careers Week

TSL wants to hear students’ own views on how they feel they can be better supported to succeed in the green jobs market in our 2023 International Student Essay Competition open now!

STEM Learning are also running a free online event on 10th November for Protecting our Planet Day 2022 (POP22), an inspiring new live streamed event for primary and secondary schools- join in with the events here: Protecting Our Planet – Inspiration, activities, innovator and experts, guests of UK’s Climate Change Educational Partnership

The POP22 programme features live link-ups, talks full of inspiration and classroom activities from innovators and experts working to tackle climate change. POP22 is presented by STEM Learning and organised in collaboration with the leading organisations and renowned societies of the UK’s Climate Change Educational Partnership

TSL is part of the STEM Learning Climate Ambassadors program.

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