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Season 1
Season 1
Exposing Environmental Truths: Corresponding with Tobi Odiachi

This week, we’ll be talking to Tobi Odiachi about the differences between how we treat the environment between England and Nigeria, environmental problems, and the best environmental books to help you get started for National Read A Book Day. 

Find Tobi on instagram at instagram.com/bintinlaye

In other news, we were selected to be part of Feedspot’s Top 25 Sustainability Podcasts, a great achievement in our first few months of broadcast. You can read the article here: https://blog.feedspot.com/uk_sustainability_podcasts/

You can find us on twitter at @TSLed4SustDev or on our Facebook page, Trust For Sustainable Living, or go to our website at trustforsustainableliving.org.


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You can find us on twitter at @TSLed4SustDev or on our Facebook page, Trust For Sustainable Living, or go to our website at trustforsustainableliving.org.