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Secondary school students debate whether UN SDG #14 (Oceans) is achievable

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Secondary schoolchildren from around the world gathered at the TSL 2018 International Schools Debates in Beau Vallon, Seychelles on 4th July 2018 to debate whether UN Sustainable Development Goal #14 (on Oceans) is achievable.

Following a day of dynamic presentations and discussions across four groups – two debating for the motion and two against – the Best Group debating awards went to the following team members:

  • Mary Iskandarian (Lebanon)
  • Darren Tan (Malaysia)
  • Ellery Fock-Yune (Seychelles)
  • Izuchukwu Egbuku (Nigeria)
  • Jade Akkawi (Lebanon)
  • Karina Anastasya Putri (Indonesia)
  • Katrina Jreidini (Lebanon)
  • Natalie Ashkar (Lebanon)
  • Ryna Azemia (Seychelles) and
  • Tanisha Elizabeth (Seychelles)

The Best Individual debating award went to Natalie Ashkar (Lebanon).

Individual Judges’ Commendations were awarded to:

  • Jack Tetley (New Zealand)
  • Michel Sadek (Lebanon) and
  • Stana Mousbe (Seychelles)

In addition, four  Student Debate Ambassadors were nominated to represent each of the four groups at a panel discussion with marine experts at the Children’s Oceans Conference on 5th July:

  • Pranav Nair (India)
  • Abiah Abraham (Nigeria)
  • Abiamamela Obuoha (Nigeria) and
  • Alicia Iskandarian (Lebanon)

See the full list of this year’s Schools Debate Winners.

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