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Speaking of Sustainability: Looking at Biodiversity in a new light

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A few weeks ago, we started releasing episodes of Speaking of Sustainability, our environmentally-focused podcast. So far we’ve released 7 episodes, with 3 more to go until the end of the season. Each episode we explore biodiversity related topics with our guest of the week, hearing their perspective and how they contribute to helping our planet. If you’re interested, here’s a brief summary of each episode to pique your interest:

Corridors of the Rainforest: A Discussion with Vijo Varghese: We talk with Vijo Varghese on the rainforest corridor, and how Vijo and his team are trying to keep it clear for animals to pass through without humans disturbing them.

The Turtles of St. Lucia: A Conversation with Alicia Valasse-Polius: We discussed the life of turtles in St. Lucia with Alicia Valasse-Polius and how hurricane season affects their sustainable farming.

Winner of the Sustainability Challenge: Speaking with Stuart Ratcliffe: We chat with Stuart Ratcliffe about winning the Sustainability video challenge run by TSL, as well as his life in Indonesia and the differences in climate action between there and here.

Biodiversity From Space: Catching up with Dr. Emma Taylor: We meet with Dr. Emma Taylor to discuss biodiversity from space, after her talk given on the subject at the TSL Partner Power Summit.

How To Fund Biodversity: Deliberating with Ronnie Jumeau, Rafael Ortiz Fabrega, and Christian Schwarzer: We discuss how we can fund biodiversity projects in a time when money is being spent elsewhere with guests Ronnie Jumeau, former ambassador from the Seychelles; Rafael Ortiz Fabrega, ambassador for Costa Rica and Christian Schwarzer, from the Future Earth Organisation.

The Problem with Plastic: Talking Biodegradables with Dr. Pouya Samani: We talk to Dr. Pouya Samani on bio-based bio-degradables, based on his panel talk at the TSL Partner Power Summit. 

Inspiring the Youth: Constructing Ideas with Prosanta Chakrabarty, Rosetta Blackman and Saheed Adebisi: We discussed how we can keep the youth of today inspired to get involved with the environment and sciences that go along with it, including how to further their career in those areas with our guests Prosanta Chakrabarty, Rosetta Blackman and Saheed Adebisi. 

We still have three more episodes to go, and much more to cover. We hope you’ll join us in finishing this journey of Speaking of Sustainability, and learn as much as you can. You can find our Podbean here and our Spotify here.

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