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Speaking of Sustainability Podcast Season 3 is out now!

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Our latest Podcast season is now available for you

Recognising that climate change, biodiversity loss and environmental degradation have already had huge global impacts, disrupting millions of jobs and livelihoods, our latest season will focus on ‘Green Jobs’. We know there are many opportunities ahead to boost the economy and improve our quality of lives by switching to a ‘Green Economy’ and that an enormous number of young people around the world hope to pursue a career that will benefit society and our planet. But do they feel equipped with the skills needed to meet the demands of the ‘Green Job’ market and to drive the much needed green revolution? 

During this season we have interviewed a range of sustainability experts in different fields as we hope to help people understand what green and blue jobs are, explore the variety of sustainability roles available and understand the skills needed to achieve them. As well as sharing expert tips and advice, our series aims to provide an insight into the field and help inspire people to explore the green and blue career options available to them.

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In episode 2 of our Green Jobs series we speak to Matthew Simpson, Director of Ecological Consultancy 35Percent, who are working to conserve, restore and raise awareness of one of our most globally threatened ecosystems, wetlands. Matthew discusses the value of stakeholder engagement and local knowledge, as well as the need for a holistic approach to sustainability and conservation projects. He shares his tips on how to make contacts and get involved through societies and professional bodies (whatever your age and career stage), and some of the key skills that have helped him along the way, including humility, and recognising that you aren’t always the only expert! 

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