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Stuart, a white man with black hair and facial hair, in a white shirt, sits at his computer to talk to us on our podcast. Superimposed on the photo is a screenshot from his Sustainability Challenge video, showing a cartoon digger and panda in a forest setting.

Sustainability Challenge Winner Shares His Thoughts On Biodiversity

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Stuart Ratcliffe, international schoolteacher and Sustainability Challenge winner, talks to us about his work and environmental awareness in the Trust for Sustainable Living’s upcoming podcast. 

Starting with a mini-series on biodiversity, TSL is launching a podcast about sustainability and the personal experiences of its guests, starting with Stuart Ratcliffe. 

Originally from the United Kingdom, Stuart started teaching in international schools as a way to explore the world. However, he soon realised this was more than just a way to travel.  

“Once I got into teaching English as a foreign language, I realised that it was something I enjoyed and sort of wanted to do seriously,” he explained.  

He has now been in Indonesia for 10 years and teaches History and Politics, in addition to English. 

Stuart is TSL’s 2021 Sustainability Challenge winner. Entrants had to create a short video about biodiversity. Stuart adapted a version of If, a poem by Rudyard Kipling, encouraging viewers to stand up for biodiversity and environmental issues. When we asked Stuart why he decided to enter, he recalled his own experience as a schoolchild. 

“When I was at school, I don’t remember there being the opportunities to do things like that, and I was like, wow… So, when I saw that this year it was going to be open to teachers, yeah, I thought, why not?,” he said. 

Talking about the rest of the finalists, Stuart expressed his happiness. 

“To be included was a big honour and something that I really wasn’t expecting. So, it was a big surprise, but also, very flattering.” 

To watch the video entries for the 2021 Sustainability Challenge, including Stuart’s video, head over to our YouTube playlist, and stay tuned for our podcast launch soon, where you will be able to hear Stuart’s full interview. 

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