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TSL Green Jobs Webinar Series: Creating Opportunities for Youth

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In our second panel discussion of 2023, we spoke to youth organisations Global Youth Forum, founded in Kenya and Youth Environmental Service based in the UK, who recognise the skills gap young people are facing and are working to create opportunities to empower young people and support them gaining valuable skills and work experience.

Join us as we discuss “How can we better support young people and create more opportunities for them to achieve green jobs?”

After learning more about the work being done by each project, discussions focused on the challenges being faced by young people in terms of gaining skills and experience, how more opportunities can be provided, the benefits to young people and the reaction of employers to youth green skills development schemes.

Missed it? Watch the video here

  • Co Host: Kirsty Shakespeare, International ESD Manager, TSL
  • Co Host: Anthea Laurence, TSL Alumni, Seychelles
  • Zoom Management: Eva M Ellis, TSL
  • Peter Omondi, Founder and CEO, Global Youth Forum, Kenya
  • Valdivia Kibunja, former executive of Global Youth Forum-Kenya and is now a lawyer working for the Federation of Women Lawyers (FIDA-Kenya)
  • Billy Knowles, Programme Director, Youth Environmental Service, UK

This discussion is the second in the TSL 2023 International Education Summit Series: Green Jobs which will feature as a learning resource for students and educators on the TSL Community platform and TSL Youtube Channel.

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