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TSL & ZooLab Sustainability Challenge Winners

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TSL partnered with ZooLab for our 2022 International Sustainability Challenge Video competition ‘My Local Sustainability Challenges’

The #TSLxZooLabSustainability2022 votes have been counted and you have selected your winners!  Thank you and well done is in order for all the entrants this year, whose videos from all over the globe have highlighted that sustainability is a global concern with different local challenges, impacts and solutions! 

We are pleased to announce that you have chosen Andrea Visvanathan, a primary school student at International School Seychelles, as your overall competition winner and top entrant for the primary category with her video ‘My Sustainability Challenge’, International School of Seychelles, Seychelles 

Our winners and runners up for each of the other categories have also been decided! Congratulations are in order for the following entrants! 

  • Primary 2nd Prize winner, Eco Beasts from St. Andrews International School, Thailand 
  • Primary 3rd Prize winner, ‘Invasive Species’ by Vedant Menon from St Ambrose R.C Primary School, UK 
  • Secondary 1st Prize winner, ‘It’s time to breathe easier’, by Koca Djeric of Vuk Karadzic, Serbia 
  • Secondary 2nd Prize winner, ‘Vegetable Garden of Hope’, by Colegio Didascalio Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza, Colombia 
  • Secondary 3rd Prize winner, ‘What do we do with expired medicines?’ by Ieun Kim from Korean International School, Bangkok.  

Our overall competition winner will be receiving the Challenge Trophy and a cash prize of £500 or equivalent, and our other category winners will also receive a special e-medal and gift. 

This year’s winning videos will be sent to the UN Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth, Ms. Jayathma Wickramanayake, to showcase youth voices on important global sustainability issues.  

We want to thank all the entrants, teachers, and voters for helping to make this important challenge a success!  ”Who better to speak for future generations than today’s children?” Karl Hansen, Executive Director, Trust for Sustainable Living 

Watch all the Finalist videos and Primary and Secondary Honourable Mention videos.

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